No credit card needed. No shipping charges. No hidden fees.

Do I need to pay anything for my free product?

No! This one-time offer is 100% free based on your qualifying purchase. There are no charges, no hidden fees, no subscriptions, no credit card information required, and no shipping fees – there's absolutely no cost to you!

Can anyone qualify for this promotion?

This offer is only valid for customers that have proof of purchase of a qualifying product at full price from an authorized FitLife Brands sales channel: and Offer is only valid with a United States of America mailing address. Offer is valid when you share your experience with FitLife Brands on this website after using your purchased product for at least 15 days.

After I share my experience, how long will it take before I receive my free product?

Once you have shared your experience, we will send you a confirmation email within 2 business days noting that you have successfully completed the process. You will then receive your free product afterward within 5-7 business days.